The Reverb book series was established in 2010 by Reaktion Books and John Scanlan, the series editor. This site contains some information about the books in the series,  forthcoming titles, as well as other related content from the series editor.

Reaktion Books official website can be found at www.reaktionbooks.co.uk.

The aim of the Reverb series was to offer a new perspective on the significance of music – mainly 20th century western popular music – through a wider cultural and historical understanding of particular times and places. The books that it publishes focus on the relationship between artists, performers, music and place—rather than on strictly biographical or chronological histories of music. Reverb authors are leading scholars and researchers drawn from across a range of disciplines who are interested in the cultural history and artistic developments in popular music, and whose work explores the ways in which music has expressed a sense of place.

In addition to this maintaining this site, I’m the author of five books—including On Garbage (2005), which was featured in a REF 2014 Top 10-rated Impact Case study (in History) at the University of St Andrews, and more recently, Easy Riders, Rolling Stones (2015), which is currently being developed as a documentary film.  My most recent book is Sex Pistols: Poison in the Machine (Reaktion, 2016). Some of my writing has been translated—appearing in Italian, French, Arabic and Croatian editions—and has been featured on major broadcast media, including BBC radio and television, ABC Radio National (Australia).

My writing has also been published in academic journals such as History of the Human Sciences, Space and Culture, Time & Society and in mainstream and national media outlets, including l’Unita (Italian daily) and Classic Rock magazine. I have also contributed essays to multiple books, including most recently The Acoustic City (eds. M. Gandy and B.J. Nilsen) and Recycler l’Urbain (ed. R. D’Arienzo & C. Younes).

Since the late 1990s I have taught and researched at a number of UK universities, including the Universities of Glasgow, Bristol, St Andrews and Manchester Metropolitan University. I am currently working as a Research Fellow with In Certain Places, a research group at the University of Central Lancashire, as well as on a number of film and television adaptations of music-related subjects. More information about my work can be found here.

If you are interested in writing for the Reverb series, you can contact me initially using the form below.