Out There #9

June 21, 2021 at 14:55

‘we fought for toilet rolls,’ says Iggy‘did anyone invent rock’n’roll’ says Louis Menand‘The Last Note’, 1976 by Michael ZagarisGlastonbury according to AA Gill Bob Dylan’s 10 Best Film PerformancesCasting Martin Scorsese’s Ramones film

Iggy Pop on the beach

Out There #8

March 18, 2020 at 14:50

Downtown ’81D.A. Pennebaker on Bob Dylan, John Lennon, cinema vérité and Mary Poppins ‘Sublime and Sombre’, Stockholm’s ABBA museumDebbie Harry, quite possibly the most iconic woman in musicSeven great Nic Roeg momentsThe Persistence of Prog Rock

Debbie Harry makes a surprise appearance, ‘Downtown ‘81’

Out There #7

August 30, 2019 at 14:18

The Day the Music BurnedHallucinating Woodstock at 50Catching up with the Woodstock nunDesigning a new 50th anniversary Woodstock recordings boxsetMichael Chiaken inside Dylan’s archiveghoulish escapades with the Cramps in the cellars of New York’s Bowery

Out There #6

December 20, 2017 at 14:12

A 70s punk rom-comPennebaker meets Depeche ModeHow a Boston Globe Reporter Tried to Reunite The Kinks and Ended Up With a MovieWelcome to Jack White’s Temple to Vinyl Remastering, Reflecting: Everything Still Turns to GoldThe music industry is full of pompous bores – and that’s just the writersThe Bird is the Word, says Richard Meltzer

Out There #5

September 20, 2017 at 14:07

Wim Wenders pictures the Kinks Ray Davies on hipsters, Pete Townshend and why he fled Tony Blair’s BritainExile in Los Angeles Nik Cohn: ‘I was right: the Stones, after the age of 30, didn’t create anything good’

Out There #4

November 29, 2016 at 14:03

Obsessed with mortality, God-infused, and funnya list of car crash songs in case you are interestedCameron Crowe’s script for Almost Famous aka ‘Untitled’ David Dalton’s rumination on the Sex Pistols, punkgeist, rock theology and Sid

Out There #3

October 28, 2015 at 13:58

‘No, no way. Nah, nah, no way’ … Van Morrison says ‘No’ ‘You’re under arrest,’ Boston mayor tells Rolling Stones audienceBootleg tapers unmaskedDavid Bowie’s Favourite booksRay Davies, once and future impresario of Rock OperaRay dances in the Kinks ‘Starmaker’ TV SpecialWhen John Waters met Little Richard

Out There #2

June 29, 2015 at 13:54

Shoppers may soon be flourishing credit cards featuring the word ‘bollocks’and The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of ChaosChristopher Sorrentino talks about ‘Trance’ and talks to Zachary Lazarwhile a 1968 Sandy Pearlman hears intimations of rock’s world-wearinessand reveals of a network of Patti Smith coincidencesbut not to worry, because there goes a bikini whaleas Tanya Luhrmann talks about magic and the supernaturalThe Supremes sound supernaturaland then there’s the Memories of a Wannabe Yes Roadie

Out There #1

June 14, 2014 at 13:46

UFO crashing and being an unemployed rock star in Michael Hann’s 54 minutes with Phil MoggRobert Frank’s CS Blues ‘never playing anywhere’Los Angeles Doors TourPaul Rothchild on the Doors (Still) Searching for Robert JohnsonWillie Brown’s M & O BluesCharley Patton and the Revenant, Richard Meltzer Interview Part One and Part TwoWords and Music: On the RoadJonathan Rendall says ‘time, gentlemen please’, Ed Ruscha’s Sunset Stripunpublished interview with Stanley Booththe Criterion Contraption watches ‘Gimme Shelter’William Burroughs on Led Zeppelin says ‘rock stars are juggling fissionable material that could blow up at any time’and Jerry Lee Lewis and Sam Phillips discuss religion.