Van Halen reviews

Dagens Næringsliv’s D2 magazine

Dagens Næringsliv’s D2 magazine (Norwegian business daily, 27 April 2012):

“Making unlikely connections between Van Halen and movements as seemingly remote as the Beats and Bebop, Scanlan convincingly makes the case that the relationship between Roth and Eddie Van Halen reveals something of the essence of California … it is a tale concerned with the ‘art of artlessness’, and the importance that living in the now had always assumed in the culture of California.”


Barnes and Noble Review’s Long List featured a short review:

“Diamond Dave as a Zen master? Eddie Van Halen as musical monk? That’s the case John Scanlan makes – tongue only partly in cheek – in this learned but lively take on Van Halen’s rise to the pinnacle of rockstardom, improvising all the way. Philosophy you can dance to.”


Classic Rock magazine (Sept, 2012 / issue 175):

“Through its ten chapters … Scanlan takes you through the journey of Van Halen, via various in-depth musings of a social and historical persuasion that, the author suggests, uncover more potent truths than their regularly touted musical inspirations. It’s an engaging way of reading up on the ins and outs of ‘California Zen’, romanticism, and the evolving 60s-80s Hollywood music scene … a refreshing history lesson [by] a very articulate and knowledgeable writer. (7/10)”


By John Scanlan

John Scanlan is the Series Editor of Reverb with Reaktion Books.