40 Years: 76-77

‘Who is this fucking hippie?’

10 AUG. 1976. Sex Pistols at the 100 Club. Mark Perry recounts his interesting conversion experience in an interview with the blog Perfect Sound Forever:

“Caroline Coon was the one who told me about the Sex Pistols. She asked if I’d seen them and told me to come to a show. So about a week later, I saw them at the 100 Club in late July, early August. It was fucking hell, I’d never seen anything like that. There wasn’t even that many people in there. I turned up to this gig with long hair, down to my shoulders, with a brown satin jacket. Caroline said ‘You got to meet some people.’ So I met Malcolm, Viviene and Sid Vicious, who had a shaven head and tissues hanging off him like ‘who’s this fucking hippie?’ Caroline said ‘I want to introduce you to Mark – he’s done this fanzine about punk.’ I remember that Sid picked it up and said ‘Fuck it’ and he threw in on the floor. Some hard dude that is! Later on, I realized he was a powder puff, it was just a big show.

Sniffin_glue_1_coverThen when the band come on, it was just phenomenal. I had my suit ripped off ’cause of the pogo and all that. It was almost symbolic. ‘Right, let’s get rid of that.’ Within a week, the hair had come off, just cut it all off myself.

Q: So that really had an effect on you?

It was a life-changing experience. Within a month, I completely changed my life. I put out the second issue and it mentioned the Pistols, the Damned. I was attracting interest myself. ‘Oh, here’s the guy that does that magazine.’ The scene was so small then. It was so easy to get into. You had to have a great idea to get into it but once you were in there, you knew everybody.”


By John Scanlan

John Scanlan is the Series Editor of Reverb with Reaktion Books.