Metallic K.O.

25 SEPT. 1976. In UK record stores this very day – on import from France – was Metallic KO by Iggy and the Stooges. Compiled from concert tapes recorded in 1973 and ‘74, including part of the Stooges final ever performance – 09 February 1974 – in Detroit.

09-25-1976-Metallic-KO-01With the sudden upsurge in punk in London that summer, 1976, there were a number of emerging bands playing in a style that could be traced back to the likes the Stooges, but none of them had yet made or released any records. As a result, Metallic KO would be ‘the first Stooges album released into a world that was ready for it’ (according to Iggy biographer, Paul Trynka).

As a side-note, Metallic KO was released on Skydog Records, a label run by a Parisian named Marc Zermati, who – according to Savage – was part of a collection of garage rock aficionados that would refer to themselves as ‘punks’ as early as 1973. McLaren met him in ’73 after he followed the NY Dolls to Paris.