Out There

Out There #1

UFO crashing and being an unemployed rock star in Michael Hann’s 54 minutes with Phil MoggRobert Frank’s CS Blues ‘never playing anywhere’Los Angeles Doors TourPaul Rothchild on the Doors (Still) Searching for Robert JohnsonWillie Brown’s M & O BluesCharley Patton and the Revenant, Richard Meltzer Interview Part One and Part TwoWords and Music: On the RoadJonathan Rendall says ‘time, gentlemen please’, Ed Ruscha’s Sunset Stripunpublished interview with Stanley Booththe Criterion Contraption watches ‘Gimme Shelter’William Burroughs on Led Zeppelin says ‘rock stars are juggling fissionable material that could blow up at any time’and Jerry Lee Lewis and Sam Phillips discuss religion.