Here is the first of a series of short extracts from books in the Reverb Series: from David Treece’s forthcoming (May 2013) Brazilian Jive: From Samba to Bossa and Rap. From the second chapter, ‘The Bossa Nova Revolution: suspended animation and the tempo of Brazilian modernity’, in this section, David considers the ‘ecological rationality’ of the bossa […]


Meanings of Music in Brazilian Culture

Back in September last year, and in celebration of Brazil World Music Day and Brazilian Independence Day, David Treece – author of the recently published Brazilian Jive – gave a public lecture on ‘The Meanings of Music in Brazilian Culture’ at the British Library in London. Here it is (if you are reading on mobile […]

Reverb Titles

Brazilian Jive

  In Brazilian Jive: From Samba to Bossa and Rap, David Treece uncovers the genius of Brazilian song, both as a sophisticated, articulate art form crafted out of the dialogue between music and language, and as a powerfully eloquent intervention in the country’s social and political history. As Brazil grows in stature as a global power, […]