Bowie Bonds

In the early 1990s David Bowie began to detach himself from the weight of his own musical legacy, and in doing so – which involved disappearing from the hit parade – he nonetheless ended up as one of the richest rock stars in the world. And while it is true that reinvention was more or […]

Out There

Out There #3

‘No, no way. Nah, nah, no way’ … Van Morrison says ‘No’ — ‘You’re under arrest,’ Boston mayor tells Rolling Stones audience — Bootleg tapers unmasked — David Bowie’s Favourite books — Ray Davies, once and future impresario of Rock Opera — Ray dances in the Kinks ‘Starmaker’ TV Special — When John Waters met […]

Reverb Titles


Heroes: David Bowie and Berlin by Tobias Rüther Sept 2014 (UK) / Oct 2014 (North America) In 1976 David Bowie left Los Angeles and the success of his celebrated albums Young Americans and Station to Station and settled in Berlin, where he would work on his ‘Berlin Triptych’, the albums Low, ‘Heroes’, and Lodger, which are now […]


David Bowie in Berlin

  A Foreign Affair: David Bowie in Berlin TOBIAS RÜTHER Crises are good for art – political as well as private. Those who balance on the edge of the abyss need to keep their wits about them, looking not only down but ahead. In the late summer of 1976, the mentally and physically exhausted David […]