Tango (Dance Today)


An extract from a review of Mike Gonzalez and Marianella Yanes’s Tango: Sex and the Rhythm of the City by Nicola Rayner from Dance Today (September 2013):

“Much as it is a good idea to include the word ‘sex’ in a book title, in truth Tango’s focus is more on the music, tracing the dance’s history in the lyrics of the songs […] from its early days in the slums of Buenos Aires to Paris – from where it conquered the world – and back again. Through the song lyrics, we meet tango’s stock characters: the compadrito, the prostitute, the selfless mother and we see dance develop from its early scandalous beginnings through the Golden Age, Peronism, Tango Nuevo, and beyond. There is insight, too, into tango’s big names: Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzola receive their own chapters – [a book] excellent on big themes and small details, the personal and the political.”


By John Scanlan

John Scanlan is the Series Editor of Reverb with Reaktion Books.